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In any branch of construction and industry the reliability of constructed objects depends directly on quality of metal products used. In order to get metal product that meets all international standards, it is better to contact reliable partners who have solid reputation and experience in the domestic market.


SIA “Buvtrade” is a manufacturing division of large international metal trading company. The company imports metal products and also exports finished metal products to member countries of the European Union. Read more about services at: https://absolutsteel.com/en


Strict quality control is carried out on all stages of the company’s manufacturing activity, starting from acceptance of the material and finishing by shipment to the customer.


We provide cutting services. Thanks to technological equipment, processing is performed with maximum accuracy in accordance with construction regulations.


Our main principle is individual work with each customer. Each order is reviewed and calculated separately depending on the size and complexity of the work.


Our task is fast, high-quality and convenient service provision to the customer. We offer delivery.


We are always open to questions and business offers!


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